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     17 AĞUSTOS 2022 , ÇARŞAMBA


        Date of Publication: 16.04.2016  Updated Time: 16.04.2016 14:55:48  

    Güncellenme Zamanı: 16.04.2016 14:54:59

     In 1992, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) decided to celebrate 22nd March as World Water Day due to decreasing importance of water.


    World Water Day (WWD) has different subject each year, for this year it is "Water and Employment". This topic aims to both Increasing employment and the protection of human, on the other hand, aimed to highlight the importance of green jobs.

    Spending of water unplanned over the years, mismanagement of decreasing water, increasing water consumption problems caused to come to drought global hazard, unfortunately.

    To protect water sources,

    ·         More planned and economic water usage

    ·         Determination and prevention of the challenges threatening water resources

    ·         Protection of ecosystems and water

    ·         Sustainable water resources management

    Must be provided. (More information about WWD is on CEE Turkish Web site)

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